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ART department projects

The art department is responsible for arranging the overall look of the film(set) as desired by the film director. Within the art department, my position varied from (assistent) setdresser, set designer- and assistent. 


Prominent Commercial - 

with Robert Doornbos and Chantal Bles. 

Produced by: Ariel Castillo (Superheroes Amsterdam)

Directed by: Patrick de Zeeuw

DOP: Rutger Storm


Several Lenovo commercials, you see here: 'smart clock 2'.

Produced by: Monne Tuinhout (Superheroes Amsterdam)

Directed by: Ola Syse

DOP: Rutger Storm


TASTE 360 theatre

Produced by: 

Guirec van Slingelandt

Directed by:

Ola Mafaalani


Covid Love is a short comedy.

Click here  to watch!       Password: PEAS

Produced by: 

Dutch Angle Production Services


Road to Gagarin


post 1 - 1.png


Prominent Commercial - 

with Olga Commandeur. 

Produced by: Ariel Castillo (Superheroes Amsterdam)

Directed by: Patrick de Zeeuw

De Alleskunner 

- Season 2

- & VIPS 

- German version: 99 Eine'r schlagt sie alle 

Produced by: Talpa Networks.



More coming soon...

Hi there!

In case you're wondering what this collection is about..


There is a big chance that you are a creative. There is even a bigger chance that you're familiar with keeping collaborations and projects a secret. And of course the issue of the rights that are reserved. But unfortunately not the rights for my website. 

That's why this is just a small selection of my most recent projects. 

Feel free to take a look at my resume page to see all the projects I've worked, but without the visual aspect. 

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